Luxor, how can I do you justice in just a few words? Luxor has owned a shop in SoHo for over 30 years.  She moved to NYC from Milan in the early 60’s after meeting and marrying an English painter.  She has traveled to the ends of the earth to explore primitive cultures and she has worn her face paint every day for 30 years; it is reflective of her experience of living with the Berber women of the Atlas Mountains in  Morocco, whose eyebrows were crooked because they had no mirrors.   She has dressed celebrities such as Mick Jagger and David Bowie.  Warhol and Basquiat have passed  through her doors.  She almost never allows herself to be photographed because she believes that she is giving a way a piece of her soul with each picture one takes of her.  I didn’t want to leave Luxor or her world; she transported me to a magical place.